Fiona Lampman R.TCM.P: Registered Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner (level 2), and Trained Doula (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and every other Saturday)

In my experience, life leads you along certain paths for a reason. I truly believe that the way I fell into my passion for acupuncture and energy healing is proof of this. I grew up in Northern Ontario roaming through forests and swimming in cool waters with no knowledge of acupuncture. It took moving abroad to South Korea to open my eyes to this new way of seeing life in its continual flux of yin and yang and the struggle to maintain balance no matter what the universe might throw your way.

After studying acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for four years at the ICTCMV in Vancouver and achieving my goal of Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, my journey continues.  Every day I am learning further my studies particularly in the field of acupuncture for prenatal and postnatal care.   

I feel so lucky to have opened Gathered Roots Community Acupuncture in beautiful downtown New Westminster. I moved to New Westminster in 2007 and fell in love with this amazing community.  In my spare time I am an active member of the Downtown New Westminster BIA.  It has been a dream of mine to offer affordable acupuncture to my community making it easier for others to continue on their own life path.

To sum it up, I am a passionate Acupuncturist and TCM Herbalist, aspiring energy healer, waning earth archetype, wannabe photographer, community activist, new mother, and lover of all things vintage.

Specialised Studies:

•Maternity Acupuncture Mentoring And Peer Support certificate 
Maternity Acupuncture: Developing Confidence and Credibility with Debra Betts
Maternity Acupuncture Care: Problem Solving Through Clinical Scenarios with Debra Betts, Claudia Citkovitz, and Sarah Budd 
•Using Acupuncture during Pregnancy, Labour, and Postpartum with Debra Betts
•Nurturing the Fetus with Debra Betts and Sabine Wilms
•Acupressure for Birth and Beyond with Debra Betts and Tom Kennedy 
•Practical Skills for a Successful Fertility and Pregnancy Clinic with Jani White
•Birth Doula Certificate (DONA International) with Virginia Towers 
•Integrative Fertility Conference 2015 (multiple speakers over four days)
•Advanced Channel Theory: Detecting Channel Qi Aberrations with Janice Walton-Hadlock
•Classical Five Element Acupuncture: Spirits of the Points with Neil Gumenick
•Detecting and Removing Energetic Blocks with Neil Gumenick 
•Advance Techniques in Tradition Chinese Medicine Cupping Therapy with Ilkay Chirali

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Recipient of a 2013 Next Up Award!

Katie Tang, Registered Acupuncturist (Fridays and Alternating Saturdays)

My father is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine so I was fortunate to grow up experiencing and observing all aspects of TCM treatments. I have always found it fascinating to learn about alternative ways to treat different medical conditions. I developed a passion for TCM and knew following my father’s footsteps was the right way to go.  

After receiving my undergraduate​ at Simon Fraser University, I continued my education at PCU College of Holistic Medicine where I completed the TCM Practitioner Program. While I studied for my license exam, I had the privilege of working at a naturopath and midwifery clinic in Surrey where I gained experience in prenatal and postnatal care in both a professional administrative and clinical setting. 

I have a special interest in women’s health. I have studied and researched infertility, pregnancy, menstruation, PMS and menopause, and have the genuine desire to continue to gain more experience in these areas. I plan to partake in the 2018 Integrative Fertility Symposium. My goal is to be part of the process of helping patients create their families and also ensuring they have a healthy pregnancy experience from beginning to end.

In my spare time, I enjoy going on different hikes in Vancouver such as Quarry Rock, Squamish Chief, Cypress Falls, and Garibaldi Lake. 

I provided services in both English and Mandarin. I am in good standing with CTCMA and also a member of ACTCMA.

Marni Banks Master Reiki Practitioner and Instructor (Alternating Fridays and Saturdays)
OOOOH this is really happening!! When Fiona asked me if I wanted to be part of Gathered Roots as a guest practitioner, without hesitation or thought, I said YES! I am honoured to be part of this Community Clinic and am excited to be working with other wonderful and talented practitioners.
I started my journey to Reiki in a roundabout way. As a child and young teenager, I always had what I called “hot hands” and it wasn’t until I had a Tea Leaf reading in my early teens that I got some insight as to why; my tea leaf reader said that I had “healing hands” and was very intuitive (in tune with other people’s auras and energies). Through my teen years, I found some friends at school who also seemed to be interested in the same type of mind/body connections that I was and it was through these friends where I learned little more about healing energies, the tip of the iceberg, which eventually lead me to seek more information about intuitive arts and “healing” via energy and body/mind connections. 

Many years later and lots of research into intuitive arts I happened upon Reiki. I was trying to find a way to use my “healing hands” to help my mom with her osteoarthritis pain and a friend at work suggested that I look into Reiki. I had heard a little about Reiki before and had experienced it a little myself, so was definitely determined to find someone who could teach me. It was through my Chiropractor that I was able to find a great teacher and was certified as a Level 3 Practitioner in November 2013. Reiki has helped channel the energy of my “healing hands” so it has a lasting and even more beneficial effect. 
Reiki has had a profound impact in my life, in more ways than just energy healing. It has a broad reach & not only do I use Reiki as a solo practice in energy healing but I also use it when doing intuitive work. Reiki opens up your Chakras (unblocks stagnant energy) which allows your natural energy to flow through your body with ease, creating better health, physically, spiritually and mentally.

Marni is a Reiki Master Practitioner and Instructor. She is available for Reiki sessions, aura cleansing, and chakra balancing.
For more info about Reiki in her own words, have a look at Marni's blog posting and her website.

Sidney Shindle, Holistic Nutritionist, BA CNP NCCP 3 (Monday evenings, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings)

As a holistic nutritionist and wellness consultant I am here to help you feel well, both inside and out. I have worked as a chef, national level synchronized swimming coach and manager. While each position had its challenges and rewards, each one allowed me to work with people on both a professional and emotional level, teaching me that everyone listens and learns in a different way. The same can be said for how your body functions. This is how I came upon the holistic model of wellness. No two people are the same, so why should they be treated the same way?

While I originally set out to study languages, I found myself in a constant state of curiosity about food, health and wellness. After completing my degree in Linguistics and minoring in French, I travelled through Europe on multiple occasions as well as Morocco, in order to immerse myself in different cultures, languages and of course, their food. What I discovered was that no matter where you are, people are proud to share their food with you.

Holistic nutrition is a whole-body approach to health. No band-aids, no quick fixes. Working with me means that we will work together to find the root of the cause and help you heal from the inside out. I use a wide range of techniques, starting first and foremost with food. Growing, cultivating and preparing food is an essential part of our lives. We not only need it to live, but we also use it to create community, which is nourishing in its own way. 

While we have made a divide between the two over the past few centuries, food is indeed medicine, and it’s is up to us to decide how we use it. 

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