Massage Now Available on Sundays!

Gathered Roots is excited to welcome Jasmine and Shanti Holistic Health to our space! Please see below for a list of available services. To book with Jasmine, please visit her website for her online booking service or email her directly:

Reflexology Infused Foot Massage, 1 hr | $75

In this session you will receive a foot scrub using Epsom salts and a customized blend of essential oils, then a foot massage using basic reflexology techniques to induce rest and relaxation.

Indian Head Massage, 
1 hr
The treatment starts with massage on the upper back and shoulders, neck and arms and continues to the head and face. Oil will be used on all areas.
Swedish Massage, 
1 hr
Techniques such as long gliding strokes, petrissage and tapotement are used to increase circulation and flush toxins from tissues in the body. This treatment will be designed to suit your specific needs in order to leave you feeling a greater sense of well-being. Essential oils will be used during the treatment at no extra charge.

Deep Tissue Massage, 1 hr | $95
Oil is not used during this treatment. The goal is to promote changes to tension patterns in the body by stretching the superficial fascia and then going deeper to allow for myofascial release. It is done very slowly in order to allow the body to integrate, so only one area of focus can be addressed during each treatment.

Deep Swedish Massage, 1 hr 30 min | $120
This treatment offers a combination of deep tissue massage and Swedish massage. Oil will not be used at the beginning to allow for deep tissue work to be done in one specific area of focus, followed by Swedish massage addressing the full body. Essential oils will be used during the Swedish portion of the massage at no extra charge.

Hot Stone Massage, 1 hr 30 min | $150
Smooth heated basalt stones are used with Swedish massage techniques to bring relaxation to the whole body. Essential oils are included in the treatment at no extra charge.

Also visit our practitioner's page for Jasmine's full bio.