What to expect on your first acupuncture visit…

Because Gathered Roots is a community style acupuncture clinic, the set up is a little different than the average clinic. Our acupuncture treatments involve being comfortably reclined on treatment tables arranged in a relaxing group setting. Treatment is provided using effective points on the head, torso, arms, and legs. This style of acupuncture creates a collective healing environment.

Here are a few more tips to get in with the flow of things:

  • Arrive 5 minutes early on your first visit to fill out any paperwork
  • Come in comfortable clothing that can be easily rolled up to elbow and knee height... skinny jeans are not recommended!
 For more info on community style acupuncture check out Fiona's article on AcuTake.

Our cozy treatment space:


Community Acupuncture~ Sliding Scale - you determine what you can afford!
Initial Visit: $40-60
Subsequent Visits: $30-50

Private Treatments~

Initial Visit: $80
Subsequent: $65

We can accept cash, cheque, credit cards, debit tap.

Patient Comments:

"Fiona I can't thank you enough. About midnight last night the pain and swelling in my ankles was basically gone. WOW and right now they are like normal ankles again, still a bit tight but not swollen and I can walk without cringing. You can do magic and I really can't find enough ways to say how grateful I am for your gift of a pain free day. I will be back and it will be as soon as I can make it." -F.B. 3/11/12

"This place is fabulous! I felt welcomed immediately. I was so comfortable that I was able to open up and really communicate what I was feeling and express what my body needed from acupuncture treatment." -anonymous 10/16/12

"Fiona and Tara are lovely and knowledgeable. I felt a difference after one session and I'm looking forward to experiencing more." -anonymous 10/12/12 

"My experience at Gathered Roots was great! The staff are very professional and gentle with the needles.The other great thing was the calming atmosphere of the clinic. The combination of comfortable chairs and easy listening music put me right to sleep! Most importantly my feet and legs felt a lot better after the treatment. I look forward to my next visit!" -Dan R. 5/24/2012

"I had the absolute pleasure to get my very first acupuncture treatment with Gathered Roots. The store front is quiet and unassuming and when you walk in, it's calm and relaxing. The staff are lovely and very professional. Fiona and I discussed my concerns and she walked me thru the process. She made sure I was aware of each step. I was made very comfortable in one of their treatment chairs and let Fiona work her magic (i.e. place the needles). Once placed, I was left to just let them work. This was a wonderful experience and I absolutely recommend Gathered Roots." -M.B. 5/17/2012

"Gathered Roots Community Acupuncture is a warm, inviting & beautiful place! I just had a moxibustion treatment with Fiona the owner and found her to be very knowledgeable, open and kind. Being 9 months pregnant, she even went out of her way to bring me a refill of the moxa sticks as I live in the neighbourhood and wasn't able to drink or eat for a test I was having that day. Talk about service! I would highly recommend Gathered Roots for acupuncture, moxibustion or any other holistic treatment they may offer." -T.M July, 2013

"Baby flipped!  I can't believe this but I found out last week that the baby is head down! I don't know if it was patience, moxibustion, breech tilts or sheer will but it's amazing!" -T.M July, 2013

"As a massage therapist I'm prone to overuse injuries. I have developed frozen shoulder syndrome from overworking and have tried many different therapies to help with the pain, massage, physio etc. All worked to a certain degree on the muscle tensions around the joint but the limited range of motion and stabbing pain in the joint itself has remained. On a friend's recommendation I figured I would try acupuncture and found Fiona's clinic which is close to me.

I booked a private session instead of going the community route (you get your own room) because it was my first ever acupuncture session. I'm not afraid of needles but had to ask if it was going to hurt anyway. She said it shouldn't, as the needles just go under the surface of the skin and it depends on the style of the acupuncturist. As promised it didn't hurt at all, she used about 20 needles in my shoulder area and then I had about 30 minutes to lie down, relax and listen to very soothing music.  A one point I could actually feel the pain leaving my shoulder area.

When the time was up she came in to remove them and then did some cupping in 4 or 5 spots to increase blood flow. I left feeling good, I could feel the effects immediately and 2 days later I can move my arm in ways I haven't been able to in months.

I'm definitely going back again to keep it up and have the utmost respect for Fiona and her abilities! Very recommended!!" -Kristine R. 9/8/2013

"The eczema that I've struggled with my whole life was getting quite intense, so I decided to try acupuncture with Fiona, and I'm so glad I did! Gathered Roots is a friendly, peaceful and comfortable space and Fiona is very knowledgeable as a TCM practitioner. Not only did I notice results with my eczema after the first treatment, but Fiona also worked on some other related symptoms I'd been dealing with and those noticeably improved as well. With each treatment, things got better and every visit was a wonderful experience. I noticed Fiona took some time after my first session to do a little bit more digging into my symptoms and add to the treatment plan – she definitely cares about her clients! I will for sure continue to go back for tune-ups. I also applaud Fiona for creating a space that makes this kind of healing more accessible with the sliding scale rates." -Ruth A. Sep/2013

"Thanks so much for a great treatment yesterday. I slept so well!" S.L. -Jan 14, 2014

"Thank you so much for the treatment Fiona - I was amazed at how effective it was in treating my 'issue'. You have created a beautiful refuge at Gathered Roots and I always leave feeling renewed and refreshed. See you soon!" -B.L. June 15, 2014

"Success! I just thought you would be excited to know that my labour started only a handful of hours after my induction acupuncture session :) ...It was a really smooth labour and I think the acupuncture really helped :)" -M.H July 2014

"Always smelled nice and fresh in there."-R.F. Dec 2016

"I had the most relaxing acupuncture treatment with Fiona. She is welcoming and friendly and the space exudes serenity. I am so excited to return for my next acupuncture treatment." -R.S. Mar, 2017

"Fiona and Marni are the best! I always have such a positive experience during my appointments. I can honestly say that I feel my overall health is improving under their care. I am more rested, relaxed, and, as a sufferer of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Panic Disorder, I feel that most of my symptoms have improved since beginning treatment with acupuncture and reiki. Thank you, Gathered Roots!" -K.J. May 2017

"I had an exceptional treatment from Fiona yesterday. She is professional while still thoughtful, gentle and kind. I left my session feeling so relaxed and took the plunge today to book another for next week." R.S. Mar 2017

"I feel so great after my first treatment! The chronic pain I was having since becoming pregnant has not yet returned and I can feel my body welcoming change and preparing itself to give birth! Looking forward to my next appointment!" -M.K. Mar 2017

"Katie was very professional and knowledgeable. She took the time to go through the treatment and many of the points that she would target along with the benefits. I was very impressed and happy with my experience and will be coming back." -Anonymous, Oct 2017

"I have absolutely loved going to Gathered Roots. I had never done acupuncture before and went in to deal with some lower back pain. Fiona is incredibly knowledgeable and asked insightful questions to figure out the treatment that worked best. After only two sessions for my back I’m feeling nearly back to normal. The atmosphere is so cozy and relaxing, it would be worth the price just to go have a little mid day nap in her clinic! I 100% recommend Fiona and her team to anyone looking for alternatives to other treatments and looking to enhance their knowledge of wellness." -S.S. Nov 2017

"Well, what can I say Fiona?!! You are good!! Started having some contractions around 6pm and our little girl arrived 12:13am today weighting 8lbs. Guess I won’t be needing that 2nd acupuncture appt today at 4pm after all! If you could please let me know that you received this that would be great! Thank you so much again!!!! 
I will certainly recommend you to my friends in the future :-)" -B., Nov 2017

"Fiona is always amazing. My back pain was terrible and after just one appointment I feel so much better. I'm glad have this wonderful place so near my home. Thank you!" - Anonymous, Dec 2017

"Had an appointment with Sharon, she was diligent listened to my issues. Felt real good afterwards. Will go again!" -Anonymous, May 2018

"Fiona was very nice and calming. I'll definitely go back." -Anonymous, May 2018

"The environment is peaceful and inviting Dr Mo is very thorough and gentle and explains her procedures .I look forward to working with her to promote my healing journey ." -Anonymous, May 2018

"Sharon is wonderful! Attentive, caring, professional, and incredibly knowledgeable. Looking forward to future acupuncture sessions with her :)" -Anonymous, May 2018

"This labour was so fast that I didn’t even have an opportunity to reach out for pain relief as she came out so quickly! I definitely feel that the induction points you used on the Monday and all the labour prep, helped to spur things on that night and I avoided an induction in hospital :)" -K.D. July 2018

"Some GOOD CUPPING!" - Anonymous, Nov 2018 (regarding Sharon's cupping skills!)

"Marzieh taught me what each point she was doing was for, and gave me tips on foods to eat and points to press if I'm feeling nauseous or stressed. I really enjoyed that!" - Anonymous, Nov 2018